Oct 3, 2010

36 Degrees

The hottest day of the year - in October. 


Oonalein said...

Do you take these pictures by yourself? They are film prints, right? Do you also edit them after developing? :)

I've been trying to get into film and I'd be grateful if you have some pointers for me :)

Els said...


Believe it or not, ever since my camera died, the Hipstamatic app has been my best friend. I get to play around quite a bit - I love it.

I also use a medium formate Lomo - the Holga, the Oktomat and a cheap colorsplash with film. I also quite like polaroids.

Hope this helps, thanks for the follow and keep in touch.

ps: great photography at your blog btw. You could do well as a fashion photographer.

Oonalein said...

Thanks for sharing about the equipment/apps you use! I don't have a camera too but I have been borrowing my father's Canon 400D for a few pictures here and there :)

And thank you again for liking my photography! First real compliment ever :D